July Mamba


Welcome to the very first edition of Mamba! The aim of Mamba is to celebrate sexuality, by sharing and promoting the sensual, curious and erotic. Our aim is to keep it classy and fun  (about).

My team and I have been working very hard to make sure there is something here for everyone. Our main feature this month is on Anna Richards, a forty something mum of two who decided she wanted to make erotic films. The results of her endeavours are a stark contrast to the god awful porn all over the internet; sensual and realistic rather than a Barbie being pummelled into indifference while her best mate rebalances her cheque book (if anyone ever actually does that). As a friend of mine said; “that’s not just porn, it’s M&S porn”.

And straight away we have our first lawsuit…

If you are feeling deviant you can try… Ophelia Derrière’s… Red Ribbon ‘spell’; It’s not actually a spell, more a mischievous piece of manipulative mind magic, but rest assured she’s easing you in gently, and will have you seducing succubae and romping in the rain soon enough.

Or you could cook up some Pigeon Breast with Sticky Honey and Apple Balsamic Glaze to eat while watching our featured film, The Notebook. A romance this month to prove we don’t have one track minds.

We hope you enjoy it; we welcome feedback and ideas for future issues, so please contact us at contact@mambamagazine.com.

We would also love to hear from erotic writers and artists who would like to feature, and next month we will be starting a problem page and a confessions corner so if you have anything to share… get in touch.


Charlie, X

(Previously known by ridiculous pen name Meerkat.)





Sex etc, in the News





Boudoir of the Month

boudoirBecause I live in the the countryside and at the moment can’t see anything but bluebells and frisky squirrels. Sounds like heaven, and it is, but change is the spice of life ‘n all that.






I Love…

To go with that red ribbon… Salivating over the Fleur of

England set by boutique lingerie store Dolcie Follie.£184 for the set, but I probably deserve it.








oddityOddity of the Month

Apt considering our name, this unfortunate beastie has been selected by diners who are going to eat its heart, blood and bile in the belief it will increase their libido. There, that’s put you off your pigeon breast. Hanoi, Vietnam.



Mamba creator, I am a devout wearer of wellies and collector of underwear I never actually wear. I live in Essex, which gives me the right to bitch about it on Twitter. I did spend years on an elocution holiday in Bath, it mostly worked. I Loathe plastic garden furniture, potatoes pansies and bad feet. Love nice comments, feedback and new Twitter followers ;) (I previously wrote under the ridiculous nickname Meerkat.)

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