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Welcome to the second helping of Mamba

This month sort-of centres on women in a submissive role. I have had few interesting conversations with female friends lately about their relationships, or lack thereof, with men; conversations that normally end with them proclaiming “where are all the real men – there’s too much oestrogen in the water!!” I normally jump on this bandwagon (I probably jumpstarted the bandwagon that morning, after changing the tyre), but after meeting tigress turned submissive Chloe, who I interviewed for this month’s feature, and reading Steve’s article on polarity, I think that if – if -  men are becoming on the whole less masculine, women may be guilty of becoming less feminine.

Why is Chloe a sub? because she finds comfort in “knowing her place”, a statement that may make many feminists wince, but actually I agree, Chloe belives that women should play a submissive role- and role is they key word here – Chloe doesn’t think her partner is better than her; their relationship is entirely equal, but they look after each other in different ways, as men and women are supposed to do, it’s the natural order of things.

It’s perhaps a sign of the times, our genders are perhaps becoming less defined because we-all-do-everything; men can stay at home and look after the children while women can power-suit up and go out hunter gathering,  and there is nothing wrong with that, but in celebrating our equality we need to remember to celebrate our differences, as Steve says so passionately in his article forward-stroke rant, polarity is essentially to finding and maintaining a healthy relationship, and as a single woman on the ground, I couldn’t agree more.


In the news

Some Africa countries are relaxing their laws on sex toys, so you can now take your rabbit on holiday to Kenya, such a relief.

A shocking – I mean truly who would have thought it – report in the metro states that forty per cent of men would rather have football than sex.

And an interesting article from the guardian on sex education in schools, which should be compulsory, more thorough and taught sooner,





It’s also good to have things that double up, saves space and money. I have knives that double up as screwdrivers, children that double up as servants  – now I can have a didlo that doubles up as a cake topper!! Except it’s too bloody ugly to have in my house, let alone, yes well. Urggh.

This delightful – thing, is available to buy on Etsy for £75.

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